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We know that a strict division into ‘body, soul and mind’ categories is artificial, as they are intimately interweaved. Still it is easier for our mind to follow this classification in order to map the whole Picture. We invite you to discover their dedicated pages.

Language of Symbols and Khidr Fasting

Language of Symbols and Khidr Fasting

February 23, 2021
A story often told by ‘dede’s (A ‘dede’ is a socio-religious leader in the Alevi community): ‘Hasan and Hüseyin were children. They were very sick. Prophet Muhammed told Ali and Fatima to fast 3 days, so the children can get well again. Along these 3 days, at each fast breaking time, a poor came to the house of Ali and Fatima. The poor said that they were hungry. Every day Fatima and Ali gave all of their rations to these poor coming 3 days long to their door, so they themselves couldn’t eat for 3 days. It is believed that the poor were Khid…
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