Our Approach

What we live and experience at Hygeia is NON-dogmatic, NON-religious, non-judgmental approach, as we propose a method that has been proven through the ages, not coming from modern books or mind information. We do not teach old and crystallized ‘systems’, as life itself cannot be crystallized too.

We are witnessing each student engaging in a brave battle against every resistance that will not fail to arise as soon as they dig deeper than the usual surface work available else where.

In its way, we are busy restoring Philosophy, the Love for Wisdom, by using its methods, clear levers and in-depth individualized baffling answers. We mean REAL philosophy, in its ancient way meaning, not the useless mind games that are done in its name.

People who realize how beautiful our work is are participating to these amazing journeys into self-discovery. each time the opportunity is offered, like a boat docking at the harbor, before leaving until another boat comes – at another time.

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