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Symbols, Archetypes & Mythology

Robert Graves: “The Greek Myths” – Volume I, Introduction

The medieval emissaries of the Catholic Church brought to Great Britain, in addition to the whole corpus of sacred history, a Continental university system based on the Greek and Latin Classics. Such native legends as those of King Arthur, Guy of Warwick, Robin Hood, the Blue Hag of Leicester, and King Lear were considered suitable enough for the masses, yet by early Tudor times the clergy and the educated classes were referring far more frequently to the myths in Ovid, Virgil, and the grammar school summaries of the Trojan War. Though offic…

About Incubation

Particularly in Anatolia and southern Italy he was well known for his links with incubation and darkness, with the middle of the night, with the underworld and the caves that lead there. And he had the most intimate and mysterious of ties with the goddess of the underworld and queen of death whose home is guarded by Justice where it stands, just beyond the gates of Night and Day, right next to the chasm of Tartarus and the Mansions of Night: Persephone.

‘Hymn to Pallas Athena’

By the contemplation of wisdom man acquires wisdom, the highest product of which is the ‘philosophical stone’ of a spirit perfectly quiescent, and inaccessible to assault whether from within or from without.

Language of Symbols and Khidr Fasting

A story often told by ‘dede’s (A ‘dede’ is a socio-religious leader in the Alevi community): ‘Hasan and Hüseyin were children. They were very sick. Prophet Muhammed told Ali and Fatima to fast 3 days, so the children can get well again. Along these 3 days, at each fast breaking time, a poor came to the house of Ali and Fatima. The poor said that they were hungry. Every day Fatima and Ali gave all of their rations to these poor coming 3 days long to their door, so they themselves couldn’t eat for 3 days. It is believed that the poor were Khid…

Triple are the Roads of Fire

The Father’s hymn does not consist of compound discourses nor the preparation of sacred workings. For being alone incorruptible he does not receive a corruptible hymn. Let us not therefore imagine that we may persuade the master of true discourses by a hollow hurricane of words, nor by show or parade adorned with artificial workings: For God loves the unadorned beauty of form.

Do You Know About the Tower of the Winds in Athens?

The Tower of the Winds or the Horologion of Andronikos Kyrrhestes is an octagonal marble clocktower in the Roman Agora in Athens that functioned as a horologion or “timepiece”. It is considered the world’s first meteorological station. Unofficially, the monument is also called Aerides (Greek: Αέρηδες), which means Winds.

About The Dryades

In ancient Greece most of the forests were located on the slopes of the rugged hills and mountains, as the majority of the lowland forest had been cleared for farming. It was therefore natural for the Greeks to think of Dryades as mountain-dwellers.

Macrobius-About The Caduceus

16.’Another clear proof that it is the sun that we worship under the name of Mercury is the caduceus, which the Egyptians have designed as the sacred staff of Mercury. It shows a pair of Serpents, male and female, intertwined; the middle parts of the serpents’ coil are joined together as in a knot, called the knot of Hercules; their upper parts are bent into a circle and complete the circle as they meet in a kiss; below the knot their tails rejoin the staff at the point at which it is held, and at that point appear the wings with which they …

A Blessing by the 3 Graces

The 3 Graces in Sandro Botticelli’s ‘Primavera’***‘…Besides, three splendid girls of equal beauty in face and bearing, clasping each other’s hands and wearing garlands of roses, approached the maiden. One of them kissed Philology on the forehead on the smooth skin between the eyebrows, the second embraced her face, the third her waist; the first that ‘she might breathe joy and honor into her eyes’, the second laid grace upon her tongue, and the third gave her gentleness of spirit. They were called the Graces and they bestowed charm o…

The Astrological Outlook on the Archetype of Hygeia

Astrologer Nigar Bostan (@nigarbostan) wrote for Hygeia.Translation: Emir A. İnançIn Greek Mythology, Hygeia is heralded as the daughter of Asclepius, the god of healing and medicine. From the name of this goddess is derived “Hygiene”, the askesis* of healing. Hygiea resides as the 10th member of the asteroid belt that stands in between Jupiter and Mars. Asteroids are celestial bodies composed of rocky materials and metals. From an astrological perspective, asteroids add the salt and pepper to the meal that the planets cook through t…
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