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The Astrological Outlook on the Archetype of Hygeia

Astrologer Nigar Bostan (@nigarbostan) wrote for Hygeia.Translation: Emir A. İnançIn Greek Mythology, Hygeia is heralded as the daughter of Asclepius, the god of healing and medicine. From the name of this goddess is derived “Hygiene”, the askesis* of healing. Hygiea resides as the 10th member of the asteroid belt that stands in between Jupiter and Mars. Asteroids are celestial bodies composed of rocky materials and metals. From an astrological perspective, asteroids add the salt and pepper to the meal that the planets cook through ...

Fernando Pessoa - On How to Understand Symbols

Dyas Chimica Tripartita-1625* * *“To understand symbols and symbolic rituals, demands the interpreter to possess five qualities or conditions, without them the symbols will be dead for him and him a dead for them.*The first one is sympathy, not the first one according to time, but the first one according to the order I quote them by degree of simplicity. The interpreter must feel sympathy for the symbol that he ventures to interpret. The defying attitude, the ironic one, the out of place one – All, without exception, deprive the interpre...
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