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Viriditas – Which Green Is Yours?

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Saint Hildegard von Bingen, who lived in Germany in the 11th and 12th century and is known for her healing treatise uses the Latin word ‘viriditas’ meaning greening power for special cases. She uses the word to refer to all living things, the energy of life which comes from God, the power of youth and of sexuality, the power in seeds, the production of cells, the power of regeneration, freshness and creativity.

Where do you get your life energy from? What is your life purpose? How and how much do you express your creativity?

In the chakra system, green is besides pink one colour of the heart chakra. The keywords here are divine acceptance, love, relationships, passion, joy of life. Its planet is Venus, the element air, the sense organ the skin. The location is encompassing the upper chest, heart, lungs, thymus gland. It governs the upper back, psychicability, some emotions, openness to life. The animal is the antelope.

How is your physical health around your heart chakra? How in your ‘subtle’, energy body? Do you have skin problems? How is your relationship to love?

In nutrition we can look into the phytonutrients which are in all the plants. One of the colours is green. Let’s look at the benefits of green: anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, brain health, cell protection, skin health, hormonal balance, heart health, liver health.

How much do you include green in your daily nutrition plan? All overall, when you go into nature or just look around how many shades of green can you identify? And how do they make you feel?

Stay healthy – with body-soul-mind

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