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The Trojan Horse In Our Life

Written and translated into English by: Nalan Özkan Lecerf

Have you ever thought why mythological stories, tales and legends have been in our lives for thousands and hundreds of years? Story patterns loaded with wisdom and experience (!) transfer the cultural heritage of human history to future generations. Their task is to be carriers.

When we encounter these stories, we can show different kinds of reactions.

  1. “I am not interested.” – Imagine a huge Trojan horse entering this person’s field of vision. Colossal. The person doesn’t even look at it. Maybe he/she is not yet ready for the cultural heritage that resides in this horse, maybe he/she will never be. Maybe he/she’s obviously missing out.
  2. “Oh, what kind of thing is that?” – This person has noticed the Trojan horse, but is still (!) unaware of what it contains. He/she can get close to the Trojan horse or forget about the horse as his/her time of attention is short as we often see nowadays. His/her interest has already shifted to something else.
  3. “Oh, what is this Trojan doing here?” – This person is aware that what he/she sees is a Trojan horse, moreover, he/she questions a question of its’ location. There is an awareness at this point.
  4. “Why did these soldiers get inside the Trojan horse?” – This person is curious about the past of the Trojan horse. The horse before becoming the Trojan horse. In a nutshell, what made it become a Trojan horse? Interest in the context.
  5. “What do these soldiers, the Trojan horse, the whole story have to do with me?” – The emphasis in this sentence is extremely important. “What’s the point.” In a nutshell, I don’t see or care that there might be a relationship between us. “What does it have to do with it?” What kind of relationship can it be. How does this story mirror me?
  6. “How will my own story end?” – This is now the point of action. We all have a Trojan horse in our lives. After looking at it and discovering its’ relationship with our own life, we need to focus on how we can direct our own life with what we discovered so that the hero’s journey can be completed (on this subject).

Many items and nuances can be added to the list abbove. This is what we can deduct from the list (another list):

  1. Not everyone is ready to work out everything when it comes to spiritual development.
  2. The level of awareness varies from person to person.
  3. Even if we are interested, some internal and external factors may prevent us from continuing the process. At this point, priorities in our lives are important.
  4. It is very important with whom (trainer, coach, psychologist, etc.) or what (book, film, an event you lived in your life) we are working with. If there is someone you work with, that person should be aware of the existence of this spectrum (list) and should show a personalized approach.

This list can also be enriched.

To move from one point to the next in the first list (for example, from 1 to 2) the following universal truth may be helpful:

There is something wrong in your life. You cannot change others, but you can change yourself*. If you do (the right) studies on yourself, things that go wrong in your life will fall into place.

Shall we add another dimension?

If you don’t work on the things that go wrong in your life, the issues you don’t (won’t) solve will appear as their problems in the next generations.

An example from our own life(Nalan): Until I turned 40, I ignored some of the things that went wrong in my life, but I wasn’t ready to face them. Or let’s say I was aware of them but suppressed them.  I intuitively felt the source of the problems, but I didn’t feel strong enough to deal with it. I became a mother at 40. I would stand up to the whole world for my son. Now I have the strength to face it.

* There is a saying in Turkish: You are at your 70’s what you are at age of 7. Those kind of believes are undermining us, preventing us from developing.

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