Via Tecta (Sacred Way)

The Lost Daughter

While on vacation in Greece, university professor Leda meets a woman and her little girl. Leda, who encounters them often, awakens her early memories of motherhood and confronts her disturbing past while observing the mother-daughter relationship.

Film directed by: Maggie Gyllenhaal

Transfer from Hygeia to daily life:

“Motherhood is a crushing responsibility.” is a sentence that probably affects everyone who goes through motherhood. Everyone is aware of the role of motherhood (the expectation of “mother = angel”) described with rose-colored glasses. Women are told that motherhood is difficult but enjoyable. But how many women can truly prepare / receive support in their preparation for this task? The support referred to is not “dress the baby like this, feed it with this, make it sleep like that, behave towards the baby like this”. Here we mean an embracing emotional support, like taking care of the baby so the mother can sleep – have a shower – rest, comforting the mother with help in the housework – shopping – kitchen, etc.

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