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The Great Divide / “The Struggle Under the Blue Lotus Way of Life”

Engraving from an 1899 edition of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, illustrated by Helen Stratton.


Originally published in 2014 in our former blog (see link below).

We thought re-publishing it, as it describes our current situation.


Written by Nicolas Lecerf.

The foundations of our society are the expression of a division. Alike the cell splitting into two separate entities, the Golden Age, mirror of the Archetypal ‘Garden of Eden’ on Earth, its holistic and unitive society of nomadic way of life slowly slipped into a natural and irreversible process of division. The ‘Great Divide’, symbolic drama-end of the Golden Age, is the founding act of our world, as we know it.

Those who chose to stay true to ‘the old ways’, went into the immense grassland and steppes, high chains of mountains, remote hills within deserts, remaining ‘passing mirages’ for the settlers of the plains and coastal areas. Some even ‘disappeared’ into the earth or the ‘Himalayas’ and are the origin of the legends of the Agartha, Shambalah, etc…

The others went on to create villages, small townships and later cities; all based on land ownership and private property. They became farmers, merchants and shop keepers. This is also the birth of the tripartite re-partition of society: Doers, thinkers and rulers.

The land was initially not owned, how could it be? It was shared. After the Great Divide, it is owned and eventually a minority stole the world’s global resources to control the majority, the warring kingdoms with their never appeased appetites about owning always more wealth. Today’s corporations are the kingdoms in disguise.

Our society is based on ‘having’ (actually, more exactly: ’not having’) and it comes at a dreadful price, it costs us our ‘being’. The whole building up of our societies is based on the split ego, the result of the division of the unitive source, the nomadic societies. Our egos want to have, always more. This is the unnatural driver of our lives.

The settlers’ society is based on negative values against the nomadic society entirely based on positive values. When society is based on negative values, it creates inequalities, unbalances, scarcity. All have negative effects on our psyches. These negative effects settle deep into our beings, creating traumas and fears. This is the beginning of how this ruling minority controls the majority. Fear is the key. It is the inner dynamic of organized religions, as love is the bound between the nomads. After so many generations, where the masters masquerade the dark 3 cults – religion, science and politics – to obtain ‘peaceful sheep’ and servants (are the white collars so different from the blue collars?), it is embedded in our genes that are naturally reacting against these violence against our beings and are the origin of illnesses and psychological ailments.

Men are damaged from the early age and this quote from Bell Hooks tells it all: ‘The first act of violence that patriarchy demands of males is not violence toward women. Instead patriarchy demands of all males that they engage in acts of psychic self-mutilation, that they kill off the emotional parts of themselves. If an individual is not successful in emotionally crippling himself, he can count on patriarchal men to enact rituals of power that will assault his self-esteem.’ ― Bell Hooks.

From the very beginning of the new society based on having, women, who have by their very being stayed close to nature and the Universe, have been put into an inferior position, as seen by the rulers and the dark 3 cults, as a threat to the systematized thefts of the world’s resources and of our enslaved lives. Women were taught to not trust their unique receptive nature and its manly right brain’s activity and follow men who will teach them how to think and live. Here the big surprise is that the imposed model for women is man! The apology of the left brain, of thinking over emotions has led to women masquerading men. The amazons are still alive today and how sad is the price of their success in this world we fight to survive in. The imposed model, reason is the left brain activity and misses the whole joy of creativity and sharing, which makes us specifically human.

Our education makes us ‘servile’ and fitting in their imposed matrix. When we do not fit, we are outcasted in many efficient ways. The media, radio, television, cinema and now the internet and all so-called ‘social’ medias are teaching us how to be, what to think, what to buy, what to do, and so on…Again, if we do not fit in this ‘paradise on earth’, we become outcasts, labeled in many ways. Orwell’s ’1984’ and ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley warned us but who is daring to listen? And they are in a long list of ‘warners’ but we were made to think that the distopias they are describing cannot ever happen…O bitter sweet irony!

Women were imposed the mother model in charge of the household and the ‘education’ of their children. Men are driven into the military and if they survive the wars their rulers are ‘staging’, they would then serve into trade, business, services, useful to the rulers. Out of these two models, how many women and men had to suffer to independently fulfill their calling and become an artist, an inventor, a poet, a writer, etc… All more right brainers. So many failed, so many were not able to rise above their entourage, their family, their communities. How many were sacrificed to the altars of the dark 3 cults?

These altars’ main sacrifiers – psychology and psychiatry – are serving the 3 dark cults with such a cold efficiency; the same efficiency once some Nazi ‘civil servants’ planned and organized the whole ‘final solution’ into existence, at the Wannsee Conference… They tell us, as watchdogs of those who profit from us and destroy our heritage and culture, what is ‘normal’ and ‘what is not’, what we should do accordingly, but their intelligence has been ‘eclipsed’ of our peculiar human consciousness by their masters…They are no different of those who practice ‘popular’ black magic, but their magic is even darker: They manage to make darkness and ‘fake light’ the norm of our empty lives, deprived of our beings. If this complete inversion of values is not ‘evil’, what is it then?

Following this perverse inversion of values, everything outward is unilaterally glorified under the careful supervision of the dark 3 cults like sports, group activities such as cinema, music, dance, bars, restaurants, parks and luna-parks…Time is money and we kill ourselves meaninglessly to make the rulers more rich and powerful. Work and ‘busy’ become the fashion and we all participate into this masquerade, a painful grin on our face.

All kinds of ‘self-declared’ experts come to teach us ‘how to be’, with the hidden guaranty that we will never learn how, as this would be a threat to the whole enslavement matrix. Magic and magical mind is everywhere to be found, New Age movements, all kind of imported and a la mode yogas with their scary-sexy kundalini and secret tantras glorifiying ego-power, these breathing therapies specially designed to ‘neutralize’ women, all these ‘divine feminine’ groups creating more Amazon women, sadly unable anymore to handle healthy relationships, fashionable and expensive mindfulness and meditation teachers, ‘out of nowhere’ new shamanic movements (Don Juan teachings, nowadays Ayahuasca, etc…) born from a series of ‘Secret’ books, are manipulated by the dark 3 cults’ engineers to ensure no-one never finds the truth outside of their control area, as all of this is a cold blooded enslaving business efficiently sucking out our energy and our freedom. We were made to believe that ‘they’ have the answers. We ended up entangled by these poisonous lies, our inner dynamic broken. ‘We are the engineers of the soul’, arrogantly states a character in Boulgakov’s ‘Master and Margarita’.

We now see the whole matrix of society shaken and crumbling, as nature finds always its way back and we see a tidal wave of scandals exposing in all possible ways the accomplices of the rulers. This gruesome reality is beyond fiction! It is shocking to discover all the conspiracies to keep us enslaved by the dark 3 cults for the service of the very few, the ‘infamous 1%’, which the ‘Occupy’ movements have rightfully exposed. One after the other, we see whole sectors exposed in this conspiracy against our humanity.

This ‘cleansing’ movement, functions like the antibodies fighting intrusive microbes and viruses inside ourselves. A whole cathartic time is now happening and it is up to us to take back our humanity and its legitimate power we have been tricked away to give up by the dark 3 cults. ‘Enough is enough!’ human common sense dictates. Out of these extraordinary problems come extraordinary solutions brought by very dissimilar and beautiful people. If you are brave enough, you can find them. It is then… the adventure of your life.

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Title page of an Italian edition from 1902.

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