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The Astrological Outlook on the Archetype of Hygeia

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Astrologer Nigar Bostan (@nigarbostan) wrote for Hygeia.

Translation: Emir A. İnanç

In Greek Mythology, Hygeia is heralded as the daughter of Asclepius, the god of healing and medicine. From the name of this goddess is derived “Hygiene”, the askesis* of healing. Hygiea resides as the 10th member of the asteroid belt that stands in between Jupiter and Mars. Asteroids are celestial bodies composed of rocky materials and metals. From an astrological perspective, asteroids add the salt and pepper to the meal that the planets cook through their celestial movements and labor. They enrich the presence of the planets in life, and color the shades of meaning to be read in between the lines. Just as a meal would be bland without its pinch of spices, the solar system without its asteroids would be unintuitive and orthogonal. In their absence, the movement of the planets would offer humanity a cold, dry and limited journey full of paradoxes.

* the way of healing that balances the spiritual and bodily elements by practicing cleanliness, purity and mental self-discipline (t.n.)

Symbol representing Hygeia based on the inscription from the “World of Asteroids” by Sevilay Eriçdem

Hygeia is an archetype that symbolizes “Health”. Her symbol, composed of three coiled circles encapsulated by snakes, represents the interwoven fabric of the left and right brain, the equilibrium between the inside and the outside, and signifies the cyclical eternity of life projected on the physical plane. Hygeia distinguishes herself from her father Asclepius by one particular aspect: where Asclepius hands out remedies for sick people, Hygeia teaches the ways of preventing sickness to mortals. For that reason, Hygeia is known as the founder of the rules for eating clean and living clean. Her rules lay out the building blocks for a regimen based on a natural diet that supports the immune system and on personal hygiene*. Amidst all the devastation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, writing about Hygeia is very far from being a coincidence. Based on the position of Hygeia on their natal chart, each individual can discover the distinctive aspects of their lives that need spiritual and physical cleaning, and the principles of living upon which this cleaning is to be performed.

*In the both inner and outer senses of the word. Harmful emotions can contaminante well-being as much as bacteria or viruses can. (t.n.)

Following  the principle “As above, so below”, Hygeia has installed herself in the Gemini constellation during these times. As Gemini is the constellation that represents science, scholarship, academic values, knowledge, learning, curiosity and scientists,  Hygeia in Gemini, compounded with the effects of solar and lunar eclipses to occur in the next 18 months, will bring an unprecedented perspective on our understanding of health and well-being, that is already shifting globally due to the presence of the pandemic.

The lunar nodes that have transitioned to the Gemini-Sagittarius axis since the 5th of May are bringing curiosity, knowledge and academic subjects to the fore, and herald the discovery of new scientific knowledge concerning health and hygiene. Hygeia, residing in the Gemini constellation until the 12th of June, will add its own spicy seasoning to the partial lunar eclipse that will occur on the 5th of June. As the month of June is oncoming we can choose to look at the bright side of the changes in our emotional and physical well-being, and digest the new rules involving where we live, how we eat, and the way we commute for healthy living. Since Venus, the master of cadence and harmony in astrology, will be retrograde in Gemini, minds may become muddled over communications, rules for health and hygiene may be ignored, and humanity may split in two due to the conflict between diverging ideas. This state of affairs will provide an opportunity to build an organic connection between intuitions and ideas.

Setting aside the astrological implications of celestial phenomena, and taking a look at the astronomical trajectory of the asteroid Hygeia across the Zodiac belt, we can observe that Hygeia resides in a constellation for 170 days, completes its revolution around the Sun in 2034 days, and will leave its journey within the Gemini constellation in mid-June to transition towards the Cancer constellation. As we are now discussing the constellations in the Zodiac belt, it is timely that we also discuss how the different positions of Hygeia on individual natal charts bring forth different personalities:

Hygeia 1st House/Aries: People who are born under this setting of Hygeia are likely to experience a severe illness during childhood or to possess an appetite to look healthy and fit. They deeply value a healthy lifestyle, enjoy following the latest trends and are eager to devise innovations in this area. Should they increase their knowledge on health, they will increase in self-knowledge as well. Once they fall sick, they may be impatient to regain their health. From time to time, they can encounter health issues that compel them to slow down the pace of their life.

Hygeia 2nd House/Taurus: People who are born under this setting of Hygeia value their health very much. They are prone to identify their self-esteem with the measure of their health. Learning to balance their mental and physical health will be their life-long lesson. The failure to reach their life goals and the comfort that they so ardently desire can cause them to become sick. They are prone to earn handsome amounts of financial gain by specializing in the field of health. It is in their nature to be involved in organic agriculture, and to prepare concoctions based on these products.

Hygeia 3rd House/Gemini: Mental health is important for people who are born under this setting of Hygeia. Their siblings or close relatives may have chronic health issues. They are eager to go through an education that prepares them to acquire a health-related profession. They like to engage in research that emphasizes the importance of a fit mind for a healthy body. They aim to collect scientific studies in the field of health and publish them as books in order to offer them to the service of humanity.

Hygeia 4th House/Cancer: The health of people who are born under this setting of Hygeia will be likely affected by their home environment. A disorderly house can easily make them sick. They are closely concerned with the health of their family members, and are likely to assume the care of a sick parent at home. An important hospital or healthcare facility will be located in the immediate vicinity of their house. Eating healthy will be at the center of their lifestyle.

Hygeia 5th House/Leo: People who are born under this setting of Hygeia  have creative ideas about how to maintain their health. They want their healthy life-style to set an example for their social entourage, and they will take the time to plan a healthy diet for their children. They understand the importance of physical exercise to stay healthy. They like to spend their free time by focusing on health-related subjects, and by developing hobbies in this area. They can acquire side professions by becoming a life/health coach.

Hygeia 6th House/Virgo: For people who are born under this setting of Hygeia, health is an important issue that receives special attention throughout their life. Experiencing troubles in the flow of life makes them prone to fall sick. They may even appear as a hypochondriac to their family and friends. One of the most important life lessons for these people will be to establish a healthy bridge between the soul, body and mind. Adhering to the rules that this practice requires, crafting an eating regimen, following dietary practices, adopting the proper lifestyle to establish this bridge provide permanent solutions for this subject.

Hygeia 7th House/Libra: The ups and downs in life will impel people who are born under this setting of Hygeia to deal with health problems. Bilateral relations provide the field of experiences where they can learn to deal with these problems. Therefore, either their partner has a disease that invokes their support, or their own health is in need of support. For people of this setting, respecting the general rules of health will procure the means to create and sustain a healthy way of living. Moreover, they have an insight that welds beauty and health together.

Hygeia 8th House/Scorpio: People born under this setting of Hygeia will have alternating periods of health and sickness. They should take special care of their mental health so that they maintain a positive mental attitude. They are deeply interested in health issues to address problems in life that are invisible. They like to cooperate with others on issues that represent immortality. They are sensitive about rules for sexual hygiene. However, they may develop an obsession over health as a drawback.

Hygeia 9th House/Sagittarius: People who are born under this setting of Hygeia attempt to find the place of health in their philosophy of life. They are inclined to train in medicine to promote human health. They publish academic articles, teach classes in this area and participate in symposia. They enjoy studying and doing research to make the globe a healthy place for everyone.

Hygeia 10th House/Capricorn: People who are born under this setting of Hygeia give health a special emphasis in their careers as they are open to learn about health. The quality of their health could affect their career or they could be led to acquire a profession in this field. Although they won’t be interested in health during their early years, they will become deeply interested in health during their midlife period. Their family members can be specialists in the field of health.

Hygeia 11th House/Aquarius: People who are born under this setting of Hygeia like to participate in groups and organizations that are involved in health-related activities. They usually assist in organizing such activities as well.  They value physical training programs. They are prone to find friends through fitness or wellness activities. They enjoy participating in activities that maintain physical fitness. They may have health-related goals for the future.

Hygeia 12th House/Pisces: People who are born under this setting of Hygeia value the spiritual health of the universe. They tend to discover the connection between spiritual and physical health, and share it with the rest of humanity. They can be involved in a sickness that requires hospitalization. They are sensitive towards bacteria and viruses, and may have a gentle immune system. They would be interested to learn techniques that alleviate sleep problems or ones that relieve the subconscious. They find fulfillment when they engage in activities that serve humanity as a whole.

I hope that your journey with Hygeia helps you to integrate your body with your soul, to purify your body from toxins, and supports you to live a peaceful life in harmony with nature and in communion with all living things.

With Love,

Nigar Bostan

Resources: “Magical World of Asteroids” by Sevilay Eriçdem, Solar Fire v9 Astrology Software

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