Via Tecta (Sacred Way)

Supporting Being A Child

Simply think of the characteristics of being a very young child. Among these features are:

* Depending on someone

* Having needs

* Limited tolerance for disappointments, in need of things that are truly right for them

* Being innocent and pure

* To be immature and not mastered in any subject

* Expressing emotions instantly and authentically

* Seeking closeness and love

* Being fragile and cute

Aren’t these characteristics found in children of all cultures and circumstances, unless they are censored?

Now let’s get to the main question: Aren’t these traits often overlooked or rejected in our families? To the extent that this is true, we are valued not because we are children, but because we have moved away from childhood.

Translation by Hygeia

Source: “The Emotionally Absent Mother” by Jasmin Lee Cori

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