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Nikola Tesla: The Great Spirit of Invention

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“From time to time, in rare intervals, the Great Spirit of Invention descends to Earth, to tell a secret which is to advance humanity. He selects the best fitted, the most deserving, and whispers the secret in his ear. Like a flash of light the precious knowledge comes. As he grasps the hidden meaning the fortunate sees a magic change: Before his enraptured eyes there is a new world, he barely recognizes a semblance of the old. It is not a passing illusion, a mere lay of his vivid imagination, or phantom of mist that will dissolve. The marvels the sees, distant though they appear in time, are to be. He knows it, there is not a shadow of a doubt in his mind, in every fiber of his body he feels: It is a Great Idea!”

Hygeia’s comment: Where science meets the spiritual…

Nikola Tesla in “Notes on Cabanellas’ Patent No. 164,995”, c.1904

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