In many of our coaching sessions, we can experience how important our relationship with our mother is and what traces it leaves behind. The importance of the “mother-child” relationship is beyond our estimations.

In order to gain insight into many perspectives of this theme we are reading “The Emotionally Absent Mother”, by Jasmin Lee Cori these days. We recommend it, since it is a thorough guide which leads you through this subject without getting lost. In the coming period, we will be quoting from this work and blending it with our own experiences. Let’s start with the words of German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, who developed a therapeutic method known as Family Constellations and Systemic Constellations:

“The love for the mother as the basis for every success. There is probably no greater task in life than to restore the foundation to the mother.

For many, the relationship with the mother remains a lifelong challenge.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware that a grateful and loving posture towards the mother is the basis for all success, whether at work or in a partnership. Ungratefulness and a negative attitude towards the mother can have far-reaching consequences for our health.

As soon as the love and peace in our hearts for our mother are established, we are carried by the abundance of life.”

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