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Mankind in the Process of Escaping Nature – Are We Aware of the Danger?

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Written (in Turkish) and translated into English by: Nalan Özkan Lecerf

I haven’t finished the book “Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv (reading the Turkish translation by Ceyhan Temürcü) yet, but was excited by a concept I came across in the very early chapters: ‘a direct, primary experience with nature’.

How many of us can live nature directly or in a primary way, how much can we give our children the opportunity to do so? We get to know nature, our environment, life by using our senses effectively. Working like a navigation they are showing us our place in the web of life weaved around us. We look at life through our own filters, so to say senses, we codify what we perceive and shape our behaviour and character according to that information. Is it possible that something can go wrong in this process? Yes, of course, eventually communication problems come up due to the defense of ‘reality’ built up by different perceptions. But still… this ‘reality’ is a knit done by our own efforts, learnings, it keeps us alive …

Prof. Robin Moore from the North Carolina University states that “Children live with senses. Sensual experiences is connecting a child’s outer world to it’s inner, secret, emotional world. Since the primal sensual stimulant is the natural environment, it is very important for the healthy development of their inner world to discover nature in their own area and in their own time and to have the freedom to play with it by using the senses (freely translated back from Turkish to English, wording not from the original book) …

As we are escaping nature, how can our inner life stay healthy in this process? Are we aware of the danger that technology, the admired ‘modern’ era is bringing us? Are we aware where we are dragged along?

Without giving a sector as an example we can list technologies which are deactivating our senses:

• Operations being done manually, by hand before are taken over autonomously (According to neurologist professor Frank Wilson from the Standford
University “[…] we are creatures defined by what we do with our hands. […] By cutting our hands of we harm our brain”).
• Mankind’s decision making skill is overtaken by the learning algorithm of machines (By deactivating our hands we are already harming our brain, now
we even don’t have to decide on things anymore).
• Sensors are replacing our sight, V2X Communication our hearing sense (in this case we will use these senses only while watching TV or other
electronic media, a one way experience using only two senses).
• Movement activation techniques replace our reflex and movement coordinations (How will our sympathic and parasympathic nervous system stay
alive in this case?)

In a nutshell: By deactivating hand, feet, eye and brain we are loosing our senses, an experience without senses disconnects us from our inner world.

We put a distance to nature, ourself and to other human beings. Why are we letting this happen?

This article was written and translated on 20.01.2018.

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