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Grotowski’s Poor Theatre and Via Negativa

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Translation into English: Nalan Özkan Lecerf

Polish theatre director and theorist Jerzy Grotowski had an important impact on the 20th century theatre. Mentioning Grotowski we immediately think about the Laboratuary Theatre and its expression the Poor Theatre. Followers interested in Grotowski’s Poor Theatre know that this was a reaction against the negative impact of cinema and television on theatre (in the 60’s) and an answer towards the question “What is theatre?” (same decade).

‘Via negativa’ is a philosophical, actually a theological term. Things with an essence cannot be defined. That’s how it works: “This isn’t this’’, “this isn’t that”. In order to make a definition of something you don’t try to make sense of what it is, but you start with what it isn’t.

Related to theatre, what is remaining? What remains (or will remain) is the essence of theatre. Grotowski applies a ruthless screening process. In order to unearth the essence of theatre he takes everything he thinks it doesn’t belong to the essence of theatre out and puts it beside the stage (costumes, decor, music, light and dramatic text). As a result, everything, but really everything is the outcome of the actors voice and body, from his/her craft. To be able to express their emotions/feelings via the body all actors of Grotowski had a dense workout and they went on a spiritual journey.

Source: Denizhan Ülgen (2012) “Grotowski Tiyatrosunda Bütünsel Edim” / Kolektif (2016) “Yoksul Bir Tiyatroya Doğru”

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