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From the Book “Hz. Hızır Kimdir?” (Who Is Al-Khidr?) – Hıdrellez

According to the Gregorian calendar, today is the day of ‘Hıdırellez’ or ‘Hıdırellez’ (in the Julian calendar associated with St.George’s Day on 23rd of April) . Hıdrellez day represents the beginning of the summer season, also known as the Days of Khidr (‘Hızır’ in Turkish, t.n.), and lasts until 7th of November. The period between November 8 and May 5 is called November Days and represents the winter season.

When we founded our first entity in 2011, we named it Green Man’s Creations. Khidr was and still is a very important archetype for us. We have witnessed the miracles of Hızır many times in our individual lives before we met and in our life as a couple after. Our organization’s name has changed over the years, but we still see Khidr as our patron and inspiration.

For example, at a wedding we attended on May the 5th in 2014, we placed the wish to ‘have a child’ under the rose saplings planted in pots on the tables and then released it to the sea from the pier right in front of the place where the wedding was celebrated. The following year Khidr entrusted us with that beautiful soul that we named Cihan.

As the herald of summer, the green of Khidr represents nature, birth and many similar things. At this point we would like to continue with an excerpt from the book “Hz.Hızır Kimdir (Who Is Al-Khidr)?” written by Nilüfer Dinç.

“The word Khidr comes from Al-khidr, which means green, in green in Arabic. The description of Khidr as mostly dressed in green while being depicted requires further consideration of the meaning that this color symbolizes.

At first consideration green is associated with nature, the spring season when new life begins, development and fertility. It is also the color of reintegration with nature, which is present in all of us. Renewal, growth and development…

However, green has been used as an expression of consciousness and maturity in many traditions and has been defined as the color of initiation. It is also the color of wisdom in esotericism.

Green also appears as the color of ancient people who want to be able to hide in the natural world and who want to take initiatives not to be seen physically.

Green also represents centering, focusing on the vertical dimension. As an expression of integration and renewal between the physical and spiritual dimensions.

The depiction of Khidr in green represents the freshness of knowledge from the eternal source of life. Likewise, the re-greening of the dry grass on which Hızır sits is a sign that the knowledge he has is always fresh and renewing itself.

The use of green as an expression of nature’s awakening and revival is also compatible with the meaning symbolized by the Green Man. Khidr, who has the knowledge of ilm-i ledün*, offers the knowledge of immortality, which regenerates humans as well as renews nature.” (p. 147-148)

The subtitle on the book cover is “There are some in your life who protect and support you”. This expression brought the following question to our minds: Do the ruptures between generations cause us to see ourselves as separate from nature, and to see the stories told (tales, mythology, sacred stories) as just a pattern of words?

In other words: Demeter mostly expresses the ‘mother’ archetype in mythology. If our ancestors didn’t connect with this archetype (didn’t take it as a role model), they couldn’t benefit from the “motherhood, motherly love” expressed by it, so they couldn’t share it with the next generation. And this is how it goes on, from generation to generation.

As for Khidr: At first, people expect from their parents to be protected and supported, then maybe from other elders, spouse, etc. If this desired protection and support is not realized reaching out to the archetype Khidr by ritual, prayer, meditation, etc. can be done, a communication can be established. Thus, perhaps a previously broken bond can be restored again.


* Ilm-i ledün: Knowledge because of God’s blessing. Not be gained by reading or studying.(translator’s note)



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