Via Tecta (Sacred Way)

Doing housework is a basic life skill, not a gender role.

In our household everyone has duties which we didn’t assign to each other. Each of us just undertook them. Cihan is also ready to help (when he feels like 😆). We do not distinguish between men’s and women’s work. We do whatever we can do.

In coaching sessions, we sometimes see that the workload at home is more carried by women. If there is a child, this can go as far as burnout and shake the foundation of the relationship. We had a client who asked us for counseling on spiritual development and left his spouse in this muddy burnout. We told him that unfortunately we could not provide this service, but that we could offer him coaching instead. We made this decision after several meetings, including his wife. What do you think was the result?

🔥The reason for our decision:

We cannot separate the spiritual realm from the material world and just mentally gather some information and teachings. This will lead us nowhere. The spiritual work we do has to reflect on our lives. If our daily life starts to change into a good direction we know that our efforts pay off.

Image: @kiz_basina

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