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A Correspondence: Mucilage in the Sea of Marmara & Inflammation in the Human Body

Written by Nalan Özkan Lecerf

We try to include correspondences in our courses and most of our posts. Perhaps the most important of the Hermetic principles, “As above, so below. As inside, so outside” is often pronounced (mentally), but we wonder when we will fully realize (internalize) it. We still make a distinction between “man/human” and “nature”, whereas man is a part of nature. Since we still continue to pollute nature, humankind also gets it share from it. So, are we only polluting man’s dignity, soul and perception? No, also the body. How do we do this? For example, by selling, buying, putting into our bodies food that can be defined as garbage.

They list the causes of mucilage (sea snot) in the Sea of Marmara:

1) Increased bacterial activities

What happens when bad bacteria increases in our body and the intestinal flora deteriorates?
Inflammation begins to occur.

2) Disposal of industrial and domestic wastes into the sea without treatment

What do additives we take into our body cause? Also inflammation. Heavy metals entering our body through the respiratory tract, being in magnetic fields, etc. can be added to the list.

3) Seasonal irregularities + high sea water temperatures

In a nutshell the internal balance of the cells in our body is called homeostasis. If the inner balance is maintained, health continues. What are examples of homeostasis in biology? Our body determines its own temperature according to the temperature in the external environment, keeps blood sugar in a certain range, keeps the pH value of the blood constant, etc. How do we know that our homeostasis got unbalanced? The emergence of inflammation is one of the symptoms that indicate that our internal balance is disturbed. For example, having fever is a symptom of the symptom.

4) The sea is calm and without waves

What causes the non-moving/not exercising body? Our ability to fight inflammation declines.

5) Decreasing dissolved oxygen amount

What can the reduced amount of oxygen in the body simply lead to? To respiratory failure. In respiratory failure, the lungs fail to take in the amount of oxygen the body needs or to give out carbon dioxide. With the accumulation of carbon dioxide, blood and other fluids in the body become acidic. When the body’s pH balance is balanced, diseases do not occur easily. How can we maintain our pH balance? By creating an alkaline environment in the body.

As we see, there is actually a chain of cause-effect relationships that affect and trigger each other. Understanding cause-effect relationships is crucial. Looking at the symptoms and treating them like causes will get us nowhere. The story full of archetypes of Khidr and Moses beautifully illustrates the chain of “cause and effect” relationships.

Let us come back to the internalization of the principle of “As above, so below. As inside, outside.” Here are some guiding questions to be able to look at the markers of internalization, to go into self-observation:

1) You feel sorry for the sea snot. You are angry. You want to take steps to protect the environment. BUT AT THE SAME TIME (+) You continue to eat unhealthy. = CONTRADICTION

2) You don’t feel sorry for sea snot + you eat healthy = CONTRADICTION

3) You don’t feel sorry for sea snot + you eat unhealthy = You are consistent within yourself, but most likely your contradiction can be observed in another area. You could start to meditate on questions like “Who am I?” and “Why am I on this planet/in this life?”

4) You feel sorry for the sea snot + you eat healthy = You are consistent within yourself, but please don’t think you are enlightened. You may still have conflicts in other areas. “How can I serve my environment?” or if the word ‘serve’ bothers you, “How can I be of benefit for the community?” are questions you can ponder on. If you’re already doing it: great!

Eating healthy is not a fashion or simply a “you should eat avocado” thing. When we can internalize this, there will be no such thing as chronic disease or environmental pollution anymore. We are not saying that you should start from here. We are all different from each other. You can start from a different point. But, get started.

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