Travellers to the East

Are you ready to join the journey? A journey in order to discover yourself, universal laws and your place in this huge machinery?

In ‘Travellers to the East’, Ancient Philosophy (Love of Wisdom) is providing us the full structure and vision of human life within the cosmos. By using its’ inquisitive methods it allows our inner layers to be touched, providing food for thoughts and action.

We invite you to a journey in which we make theory and practice meet through exercises and discussions, providing us the means to actually live Philosophy. This work is based on Hermann Hesse’s “Journey to the East” and the archetypes of the Mantegna engravings.

Program 2020

  • Meeting 1: Journey to the East

  • Meeting 2: The Fool’s Bag
  • Meeting 3 and 4: Stages of Human Development
  • Meeting 5 and 6: Apollo & The Muses

  • Meeting 7 and 8: Liberal Arts & Science

  • Meeting 9: Meditation practices
  • Meeting 10 and 11: Cosmic Principles & Virtues
  • Meeting 12 and 13: Planets & Celestial Beings
  • Meeting 14: 4 Elements & Closing

Communication: 2 sessions / month via Zoom
(every two weeks, each 1.5 h)

Date / Time: to be defined
Fee: 150 TL + VAT / meeting

A minimum number of 10 participants is mandatory.

The mentioned price is not meant to be a barrier for us to work together. If you feel the need to join and your only barrier is the financials, let us have a conversation and find a just way forward together.

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