Our seminars will provide you with information regarding a specific theme, chosen from our areas of interest: Gurdjieff Work, The Cosmic Movement, Jacob Boehme & The Theosophical Movement (Gichtel, Bromley, Pordage), Symbolism & Tarots, Antique Philosophy & Mythology, The Brethren of the East & Oriental Rosicrucianism, but also balance of Body-Soul-Mind through nutrition and well-being related subjects dear to us at Hygeia.


Communication: via Zoom

Date / Time: By announcement or request
Fee: 80 TL + VAT

A minimum number of 10 participants is mandatory.

The mentioned price is not meant to be a barrier for us to work together. If you feel the need to join and your only barrier is the financials, let us have a conversation and find a just way forward together.

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