Backstage: Mythology

Mythological stories are like a dramatic theater staged in front of the audience. But what do they really mean? What are the keys they have provided since centuries and still are providing for our lives NOW? Join us and we will discover together those keys, so you can benefit from the practical wisdom of the ancient world.

We will share two deciphered mythological stories in a month. The online meetings will be recorded, so that participants or those who would like to receive our commentaries on the stories can watch the recordings in their own pace and timing.

The participation into all the evenings is NOT obligatory. Each evening we will be focusing on one story. All myths will be investigated separately from each other.

2 sessions / month via Zoom
(every two weeks, each 2 h)

Date & Time / Fee:
Please write to us – [email protected] – or make a request

Turkish & English (with TR translation)

*Participants who cannot take part live into the meetings will receive a Zoom record. 

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